CRASH MI is a program that gives up to 10 credit union professionals under the age of 30 the opportunity to:

  • Attend Executive-level conferences in Michigan, giving Crashers the opportunity to network with the “big-wigs” of the credit union scene
  • Participate in Crasher only conversation sessions with industry leaders
  • Build relationships with other under-30 credit union professionals

Some questions you may be asking:

Who can come?

The core group is credit union professionals under 30. That said, we’re willing to give some wiggle room to “under 30.” If you’re 34 and really want to come, we probably won’t say “YOU ARE TOO OLD. GO DRINK SOME METAMUCIL AND WATCH AN EPISODE OF THE GOLDEN GIRLS.”

How many Crashers will attend?

We’re limiting it to up to 10 spots, so you’ll need to claim yours early.

What do I do if I’m interested in being a Crasher?

You’ll need to fill out an application here.  Application pipelines will be open through March 2.

How and when will I know if I’m one of the chosen few?

We will email or call you by Tuesday, March 13  to let you know whether you were selected to be a Crasher at this year’s AC&E event.

Where will we stay?

We will be staying at The Shores Condos, a two-minute drive from the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Traverse City.  If selected as a Crasher, you (or your credit union) will be responsible for booking and paying for your lodging arrangements. If you live in the area and don’t need accommodations, no worries but we highly recommend you stay on-site anyway to be a part of the “non-scheduled” group meet-ups and discussions that complete the Crash experience.

So what will the total cost be for me (or my credit union)?

You’ll be responsible for your own transportation, a few meals and your hotel accommodations (at a discounted rate) so be sure to save your receipts on these expenses! Typically your credit union will pick up the bill / re-reimburse you on these costs, so be sure to ask your manager if this is the case before applying if you are unable to cover these costs yourself.

Who helps make all this possible?