Attention Alumni!

While it’s certainly up for debate, many consider the top reunions of all time to include Led Zeppelin, the Beach Boys, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls (not up for debate), The Police, and The Eagles.  Now, we are getting ready to add one to the list – hopefully you!



We hope that being selected a Crash Michigan delegate was a great step forward in your career as a credit union professional, and that as an alumnus it is still opening doors and creating amazing opportunities for you to advance in our industry.

The Crash Michigan program continues to grow at a rapid pace and alumni involvement has been at an all-time high. With that, the time is perfect for a new, deeper alumni Mentor role opportunity in this year’s Crash program.

While we encourage all Crash alumni to stay involved, there are a few considerations that will cause us to limit the number of past Crashers who attend the conference as part of the Crash Program moving forward.


 Alumni Involvement Opportunities at the MCUL/CUSG 2018 Annual Convention & Exposition 

June 6-9 | Traverse City

    • Option 1: Apply to be a Crash Michigan Mentor for the 2018 group of Crashers and show them the ropes! Applying is easy and is a great way to give back as an alumnus, plus you will receive the discounted alumnus registration rate of $99. Mentor applications are open to all past Crashers, however there are a limited number of spots available for this elevated role.

How to Apply to be a Crash Mentor
If you’re interested in being a Crash Michigan Mentor, you’ll need to review the mentor involvement commitment and fill out the application here.

Mentor applications are being accepted through March 9.  You will be notified by March 13 whether you have been selected as a Mentor for the 2018 AC&E.  If selected as a Mentor, you will receive communications on how to register for the conference, lodging info, expectations, etc. in the following weeks.


    • Option 2: Those who were selected as first-time Crashers from 2015 – 2017 who do not wish to be a Mentor or who are not chosen for one of the limited number of Mentor roles after applying may still attend the AC&E with the same perk of the alumnus discounted registration rate of $99.

§  Those who were selected as first-time Crashers in 2014 and prior are encouraged to continue attending the AC&E and represent their credit unions at the regular conference registration rates. Proceed with registration as a regular attendee here. Don’t forget to book your lodging arrangements, too!

How to Register as a Non-Mentor
If you qualify for the discounted registration rate of $99 (2015-2017 Crasher class), please register for the AC&E here and email Stephanie Kuchuk at letting her know you’re attending and she will adjust your registration fee to $99.  Note: You will also be responsible for making your own lodging arrangements.


So, what’s the difference?

Those who apply and are chosen as Crash Michigan Mentors (option 1) are expected to fully participate in the 2018 Crash Program; meaning these individuals will have a more elevated mentorship role than that of past alumni involvement requirements. Being a mentor means bigger responsibilities and stricter expectations to attend all Crasher-specific events, sessions and outings.  Accountability is key with this new role.

Those involved through option 2 will attend the AC&E outside of the Crash Program (no involvement in Crash activities). Just don’t forget to wave at this year’s Crashers in passing!


Whatever option you choose, we look forward to seeing you all there!